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JULY, 2017
July 13 - A little bit of everything so far this month: one feature audition, one commercial, one episodic, and next week, one play. I'm where I was last year at this time in terms of auditions, but way behind in bookings. Good thing that GEICO commercial is running!

JUNE, 2017
You'd think I would have learned by now to embrace the slow months and relax a little. Because June has been busy with 9 auditions, 2 callbacks, and a booking!
I had the pleasure of working with director Nelson Cragg and his crew on an episode of AMERICAN CRIME STORY: Versace/Cunanan. My thanks to Bright/Daniels Casting for bringing me in.
Also On Avail for a commercial. But as I have said before, 'AVAIL means you didn't book the job.' The day I am proven wrong, I will let you know here.

MAY, 2017
Very slow month, just one audition. But, GREAT NEWS got picked up for a second season! Here's hoping Tracy and the gang will be wanting Dave to come back now and then.

APRIL, 2017
Two self tapes this month, so that was a waste of time. And four auditions with actual casting directors. Got pinned for an episode of CHANCE, but ultimately they went with someone else.
And GREAT NEWS premiered this month. Discovered I had been cut from one of the episodes, but the cut made sense, so no hard feelings.

MARCH, 2017
Finished off the rest of the month with five more auditions: 2 for pilots, 2 for other series, and 1 for an understudy gig at CTG. Felt good about them all, but nothing came of them.
March 6 - Had a dreaded same-day commercial audition today. I think I was too young, compared to all the other guys called in.
March 3 - Commercial audition. Seemed to go okay.

Five auditions this month, two of which I really felt good about. But nothing doing from any of them. However, did get a call for a direct offer, shooting an Oscar-related segment for JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE! Had a lot fun working on a Hidden Figures/cereal commercial mashup, which aired later in the month.

January 23-26 - Four more auditions in a flurry, including a self tape. Nothing happening from any of them.
January 12 - Auditioned today for low budget movie. Read the role of a Serbian gangster - not the sort of thing I get to do much. We'll see whether I get called back.
January 10 & 11 - Worked on LOU, the NYU thesis film. Had the pleasure of working with a very smart and professional students. And had the even greater pleasure of working with my real-life wife, Sarah Lilly.

December 28 - As of now, 2016 has been my busiest for auditions and bookings. Money not so much, so there's that to still work on in 2017. But still, YAY!
December 22 - Woke up this morning to find CD Deb Dion had made a direct offer to me and my wife, the fabulous Sarah Lilly to play husband and wife in a NYU thesis film. Okay, student film, but a very good script. And I get to work with Sarah! Shoots mid-January.
December 13 - Quick morning on BLACK-ish today. Great bunch of people to work with.
December 12 - On my way to an audition for DR.KEN, learned I booked the BLACK-ish gig and it shoots tomorrow!
December 9 - Shot the GEICO spot today. Had fun and it didn't take long. Actually made it to an audition for BLACK-ish afterward.
December 8 - Busy day today. First, had to tape myself singing a Country song---between you and me, bleh. Then headed down to Ocean Park for a callback for that SCHWAB spot. Not sure I gave them what they wanted. Then back to Hollywood and an audition for BALLERS. This one felt good.
December 5 - Auditioned today for a SCHWAB spot. I have a feeling that now I've booked a commercial after so long, I'm going to have a lot more auditions for them.
December 2 - Fitting today for the GEICO spot. Turned out the chosen costume was exactly what I wore for the audition and callback. Some people say you don't need to wear the same thing to both, but I always try to and, well, there ya go.
December 1 - Very odd pre-read for the new Netflix show, DISJOINTED. We'll see whether I did well enough to get called back.

November 30 - Had a short day on the Paramount lot shooting my THIS IS US episode. Great bunch to work with.
November 26 - Self-taped an audition for a ULB feature. Meh.
November 17 - Callback for the GEICO spot. For the first time, I was able to take the train to Santa Monica for the callback. Oh, and I booked it! For the first time in 11 years, I booked a commercial! Hell has indeed frozen over.
November 15 - Had unusual parking karma in Beverly Hills where I auditioned for THIS IS US as a Priest. Oh, and I booked it.
November 10 - Auditioned today for GEICO commercial. Decided to wear an odd combination of shirt and tie that I'd never worn before.
November 9 - Really needed to keep busy today after the American electorate turned its back on reason and civility. Fortunately, had a commercial audition in Santa Monica, then a fitting for AMERICAN CRIME, then an audition for the new LETHAL WEAPON series. And listened to Pink Floyd CDs all day.
November 8 - Audition today for a CANON commercial. Then went to cast my vote for Hillary Clinton.
November 3 - Commercial audition today at Ross Lacy Casting. Took the bus to get there, still basking in the glow of a CUBS WORLD SERIES WIN!!!!!!!!!!
November 1 - Worked my episode of DEAR WHITE PEOPLE and had a lot of fun. Turns out the director, Nisha, had also worked on GREAT NEWS, though not on an episode I worked.
Also, today, learned that I booked that AMERICAN CRIME gig! So, thank you AGAIN to Kim Coleman. I have now tied my best two years for most episodes/projects booked.

October 31 - Sarah and I auditioned together for a drug commercial. All interview, which we both, of course, hate. But at least we got through it together.
Somewhere in here, I was pinned for DEAR WHITE PEOPLE, then told I was still pinned but not for the role I read for, then booked that role! Thanks, Kim Coleman!
October 26 - A rare same-day television callback. This for AMERICAN CRIME. Up in Van Nuys, so had to grab a quick rental at Hertz, but got up there okay.
October 24 - Auditioned twice today for Kim Coleman's office. They were kind enough to let me do them both in one visit rather than coming back in the afternoon for the second one. The shows are DEAR WHITE PEOPLE & AMERICAN CRIME.
October 16 & 18 - Did a self-tape for something I am absolutely not right for. Then auditioned for a video game just before a pending strike. (as of 10/21, the strike is on)
October 6-11 - Finally got word that I would indeed be working two more episodes of GREAT NEWS! Worked Monday and Tuesday, the 10th & 11th. They're only doing 10 episodes for the first season, so I'm keeping a good thought for season two some time next year.
October 5 - auditioned today for a thing called WALK THE PRANK. All improv. Grrr.

For the rest of the month I was a bit busy with 6 auditions for various television shows and 3 commercial auditions, plus a callback. On the GREAT NEWS front, they teased me a bit, checking availability and such, but nothing more right now.
September 6 - I'm "Pinned" for the MAKING HISTORY gig.  We'll see if that comes to anything.
September 2 - Had to record a voiceover audition this morning and send it off. Hmmm. But then got to audition for Wendy O'Brien again for the show MAKING HISTORY. This time as a colonist. Seemed okay.

AUGUST, 2016
August 24 - Another British accent audition today - this time for a single cam pilot for Fox.
August 17 - Worked on my second episode of GREAT NEWS today. Another fun bit for forgotten dad, Dave.
August 16 - Audition today for a documentary about George Lazenby! REad the role of a British photographer. Would be fun to do.
August 15 - Audition today for JANE THE VIRGIN. As a doctor this time. At least they keep calling me in for this show.
August 12 - Official offer came in for the next episode of GREAT NEWS and I will be shooting one day next week. Woo hoo!
August 10 - Audition today for Jennifer Cooper for the show SCORPION. Another Justice of the Peace/Minister type officiating at a wedding.
August 9 - Another crazy day. Worked this morning on GREAT NEWS. Got to work with the legendary Andrea Martin and director Beth McCarthy-Miller. Also met showrunner Tracey Wigfield.
Later had an audition with Ellen Chenoweth for the upcoming feature SUBURBICON. Would love to get this.
Learned later in the day that I am pinned for two more episodes of GREAT NEWS!
August 5 - Fitting today for GREAT NEWS. I'm told this role may recur, so, Yay!
August 4 - Another same day audition, this time for a new media horror series. Had to clean up and wear a suit and be a little creepy. It was okay. Time will tell.
August 3 - Had fun reading the role of a mountain man for Wendy O'Brien for the show YOU'RE THE WORST. On the way to this audition, got a call from my managers regarding a last minute audition in Universal City. Can I get to Universal from Santa Monica in an hour? Make that half an hour by the time I'm finished with this first audition? Probably not, but I'll give it a try.
Got to the last-minute audition okay. After the appointed time, but they were still in session. It's for the NBC show GREAT NEWS, casting director is Julie Ashton. I take the time to clean up a little and comb my unwashed hair. And we have a fun audition and it's home I go.
Aaaaand find out about three hours later that I have been pinned for GREAT NEWS. Now, "pinned" is very much like "checking availability" so my hopes are up. And find out shortly that I am their choice and I've booked the gig. Sometimes it happens that fast.
August 2 - Worked on SNOWFALL today. Set in 1983, riding an RTD bus - remember those? Anyway, great cast and crew and I got out by one-thirty.
August 1 - Well. Got a call from my managers checking my availability for a role in SNOWFALL that shoots this week. Remember, "on avail" means no gig. "Checking availability" means they are seriously considering you for the gig and either haven't made a casting decision yet or are just not sure on the shoot date. Sure enough, later that day, they want me. It's not the role I auditioned for - it's just a one day co-star with no name. But my agent got them to put a name on the guy and turns out it shoots tomorrow. I have not seen the script and have no idea what I'll be doing except that I might be on a bus.

JULY, 2016
July 19 - Another detective audition, this time a "little grimy." Hmm. Anyway, didn't think I did as well on this one. It's for a pilot called SNOWFALL.
July 15 - Read for the role of a grizzled detective in a feature. Thought I did okay, but it's hard for someone to look at my reels and think of me as "grizzled" or "hardened." It's the kind of role I'd love to play, though.
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