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Here I plan to make some of my writing available to you for viewing, perhaps even download.  All downloadable documents are in pdf format, copyrighted, and subject to royalties upon reuse.  If you see something you really like or really hate, let me know.

As of August, 2016, I have no literary representation, so if you are an agent or manager and you are interested in discussing a professional relationship, please contact me.


March, 2017 - Have completed a third draft of ANIMAL MAYHEM, one that has a lot of promise. Sarah is reading it now and I will do a deep rewrite after she gives me her notes.

December, 2016 - Still no interest from anyone re: ARSENAL STREET. Have completed the first very rough draft of ANIMAL MAYHEM and am now in the first rewrite. It's amazing how much stuff I kept out of the various screenplay drafts that I can now look at as additional material for a novel.

November, 2016 - Well, that second ARSENAL STREET full request came to nothing. I'm still querying, still getting no more interest. So, I've started to write a second novel and this time something completely different. It's an adaptation of a screenplay I wrote which was itself an adaptation of a short story I wrote - ANIMAL MAYHEM. We'll see whether this generates a little more interest when it's finished. Stay tuned.

09/06/2016 - I've been using the AAR site to find agents to query. And today got a request for the full MSS!

08/07/2016 - Finally heard from Nat Sobel and it's a rejection. So, sent 100 pages to the agent who requested it and will be querying more in the weeks to come.

07/23/2016 - Got an email request for the first 100 pages from an agent I had queried in SEPTEMBER of 2015! The problem is that Sobel Weber only accepts exclusive looks. Waiting on tenterhooks for my SASE saying yea or nay.

07/13/2016 - Sent a query with SASE to Nat Sobel and Sobel Weber. Figured it was time to take a crack at James Ellroy's agent.

06/25/2016 - Finished the 14th draft of ARSENAL STREET.  It is now in the very capable hands of my intrepid proofreader.  Meanwhile, I have been tweaking the synopsis and organizing my notes for the sequel.  Then I need to take another look at my query letter.

01/01/2016 - Sometime last Fall, after my first rejection of ARSENAL STREET, my sister started reading my novel, but couldn't get past how long the sentences were!  And another reader said it took a while to get going.  That, along with Jessica Faust's remark about not been keen enough on the book (even though it contained two of her favorite things) made me realize I wasn't finished.  Overall, my sentences are not too long.  But the style was such that they felt that way.  AND, believe it or not, there were plot elements that I thought were cool, but were not needed.  Things that I felt I knew so well, I didn't need to explain them too much, but it turns out the logic didn't wash.  So.  My first task was to go over timelines, events and motives again and again until I could tell you exactly who did what when and why.  Then I started going through the entire thing again, writing with that knowledge.  Also, I decided to reveal more of the characters' inner thoughts and that, though leading to some dark corners, is quite fun.  I'm not yet half way through, but it all feels much better already.

GOOD NIGHT, SLEEP TIGHT - An aspiring hotel owner fights to keep her dreams, and her staff, from being sucked dry by giant bedbugs.

CODY'S RAPTURE - Adapted from Phil Ward's unproduced play, BLESSED.  A selfless woman with the voice of an angel is given a chance to change the world.  Taking that chance will cost her everything.  Cody’s Rapture is a Supernatural Drama in the vein of Jacob’s Ladder and The Sixth Sense.
CodysRapture.pdf (PDF — 207 KB)

THE WHITE TRUCK - A woman follows her runaway sister to the edge of oblivion.  This short film script was inspired by my one-act play, WAITING FOR THE RAIN.
WhiteTruck.pdf (PDF — 84 KB)

ANGRY YOUNG POET - a collection of 20th century poems
AngryYoungPoet.pdf (PDF — 74 KB)

DOCTOR SONG - a little Reggae tune performed with Kyler & Tyler back in the 90's
DOCTORSong.pdf (PDF — 53 KB)

OUR LIFE IS NOT SO BAD - a Bluegrass ditty I came up with after a long string of bad things happening to other people, something that often prompted me to turn to Sarah and say, "Our life is not bad."

BEEN HERE - a rock and roll number I wrote shortly after discovering The Black Belles on The Colbert Report.
BEEN HERE.pdf (PDF — 50 KB)

ANIMAL MAYHEM - My first real attempt at a short story - a livestock inspector confronts his demons.  I also have written a screenplay based on this story.
AnimalMayhem.pdf (PDF — 109 KB)

TREASURE ISLAND - This is my adaptation of the Stevenson classic.  Commissioned and produced by Serendipity Theatre Company in 1997, during the company's stay in Burbank.  It played to very enthusiastic audiences.
TreasureIsland.pdf (PDF — 249 KB)

A SAUCERFUL OF CARROTS - This is a rather naughty and extremely silly play I wrote back in the 1980s.  There have been staged readings, but no real production yet.  Remember - extremely silly.
SaucerfulofCarrots.pdf (PDF — 277 KB)

RING OF SLEAZE - Here is a one-act play I started as an undergrad and completed sometime in the late 90s.  Still not happy with the character names.
RingofSleaze.pdf (PDF — 85 KB)

BLACKOUT - This short play was originally presented in 1990 by Gorilla Theatre Productions, as part of an evening of my work under the collective title, HELTER SKELTON.  After some revisions, it was presented in 1996 by Theatre of NOTE as one of six plays in an evening titled THE NATURE OF THINGS.
BlackoutSTAGE.pdf (PDF — 57 KB)

WAITING FOR THE RAIN - This one-act play is my most produced work.  Productions include GTP's HELTER SKELTON in Kansas City and being twice produced by Theatre of NOTE in Los Angeles.  It is also the core inspiration for no less than three of my screenplays.
WAITRAIN.pdf (PDF — 71 KB)

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