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MAY, 2019
Yikes! Another huge gap in my updates. Well, frankly, work has been scarce since November. Worked on VEEP and GLOW, and that's it. Great shows,though and I'm very happy to be a part of them now. Auditions were going fairly steady until the end of April. May, of course, is dead - one audition so far this month. Let's hope the second half of 2019 is more productive.

Hoo boy, haven't posted here for quite some time. Lots of auditions in those months. But just one booking - SPEECHLESS. Fun bit. So this year is topsy-turvy from recent years. Normally, I have a slow first half then come on like gangbusters august through December. Just the opposite this year. Unless, December? We shall see. Oh! STRANGE ANGEL has been renewed for a second season. Will the Provost be a part of it? Too soon to tell.

JUNE, 2018
So much for GREAT NEWS, the show has been cancelled. So, onward to other things. STRANGE ANGEL brought me back for the season finale, and got to work a day on KIDDING. I'm hoping this bodes well for the rest of the year.
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