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JUNE, 2018
So much for GREAT NEWS, the show has been cancelled. So, onward to other things. STRANGE ANGEL brought me back for the season finale, and got to work a day on KIDDING. I'm hoping this bodes well for the rest of the year.

MAY, 2018
Just as with last year, this month has been dead so far. Still waiting for the fate of GREAT NEWS.

APRIL, 2018
Ended the month with a flurry of auditions, but nothing came of them. Ah well, can't book 'em all.
April 17 - Did a sketch for the BRIAN REGAN COMEDY SHOW today. Lots of fun and you can eventually catch it on Netflix.

ACH! Yes, it has indeed been 6 whole months since I've updated this page. And in that time:

Auditions - 48 of them!

Also, I am pinned for an episode of the BRIAN REGAN COMEDY SHOW, a limited series on Netflix.

Oh, and I got new pictures (see above for one of them).

Only one audition this month, but did a little ADR for GREAT NEWS. And, I will be working on episode 207 of that show the last two days of September. On the bummer side, they pulled the pin for that feature.

AUGUST, 2017
August 23 - Home Sweet Home - returned to Universal to shoot my bit as Dave in episode 203 of GREAT NEWS. Good to see most of the season one folks have returned.
August 22 - Triple header today! First to Universal to audition for a role in a new show called A.P. BIO, then down to Nancy Nayor's office for a feature audition, then downtown for an understudy audition at CTG. Found out later that I am pinned for the feature!
August 17 - Read for a recurring Juror role in the new LAW & ORDER series. Felt okay, but I think it's going to depend on similarity to the actual juror in the actual case.
August 9 - Read for the role of a cross dressing talent agent in a feature. Umm, probably not going to book it.
August 7 - Learned I am to be in episodes 203 & 204 of GREAT NEWS! Later learned it was only episode 203, but I'm good with it.
August 1 - Another audition for ORVILLE, but not holding my breath.

JULY, 2017
Rest of the month saw three more auditions. First was for a play in Glendale, second was for a single cam comedy, third was a self tape for a modified low-budget feature. Have I mentioned how much I despise self-tapes?
July 13 - A little bit of everything so far this month: one feature audition, one commercial, one episodic, and next week, one play. I'm where I was last year at this time in terms of auditions, but way behind in bookings. Good thing that GEICO commercial is running!
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